14th November 2022


We are all concerned with the current rising cost of living with a ‘triple-whammy’ of increasing food prices, mortgage rates and, as winter approaches the cost of energy.

As we get ready for a squeeze on household budgets this winter, there are plenty of tips on how to reduce our energy bills and become smarter in our consumption in the longer term.

The energy price cap guarantee introduced in October will undoubtedly help.

We have rounded up a few ‘top tips’ that add up to a handy saving

Did you know that by turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree it will save around £100 a year. Do you need to heat all the rooms in your house if you are not using them regularly? Turning off radiators in spare rooms can be a no-brainer.

Head up into the loft and check your insulation. According to the Renewable Energy Hub, it costs around £300 to insulate the average loft. This will save £180 a year, so you are in profit within two years.

If you are up in the loft, check your boiler. Octopus Energy recommend a combi boiler thermostat is set to 55 degrees.

When it comes to taking a shower, we can both save energy and water consumption. By cutting just 1 minute of shower-time each, a four-person household will save £312 a year.

You may have heard the term ‘vampire appliances’? This is not Halloween related, it is more about all those electrical devices that sit on standby. Whether it is turning off your TV at the wall each night or not leaving printers, computers, or phones on a constant charge.

The Energy Savings Trust has a helpful guide on all your home appliances. The first thing to do is switch things like dishwashers or washing machines onto eco-mode.

Lightbulbs are another culprit when it comes to energy consumption. Most newer builds or homes recently renovated have LED bulbs installed but it is worth having an audit.

Finally, check on draughts, especially in older properties. The solution?

A sausage dog draught excluder…..They don’t even need to be taken for a walk…..!

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